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As a strategic partner, we glean key insights from your data to improve visibility into your operations, enabling you to make timely, objective, data driven decisions within 90 days. We will keep you at the helm of your enterprise and tracking towards your long-term goals.

We work with, wrap around, or become, your internal finance department. We simplify financial processes and increase efficiency while reducing overhead costs. Without adding to your payroll, we share our experience and expertise. We teach and advise, challenge your thinking, poke holes in assumptions, and offer strategic concepts. And most importantly, we create a consistent, repeatable process that can be sustained—with or without our leadership.

With the proper processes and framework in place, you will stay in a position to make informed and confident decisions. We will continue to drive discipline and process around measuring your progress against your goals and help identify deficiencies. Engaging with us will allow you to shift your time towards other critical needs that help you navigate the course towards your strategic vision.

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Our Mission

To provide our clients with world class operational support tailored to suit their needs. By providing actionable insight, we are strategic partners empowering our stakeholders to make more informed decisions and sustain amidst a rapidly evolving and increasingly challenging economic landscape.

Why Us?

We work with passionate and purpose driven enterprises of all sizes, providing guidance and support where it is needed most. We are experienced and flexible to become your short- or long-term financial partner. We’ll learn, and live by, your mission as you continue to evolve and grow. Learn more about ours.

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“We provide financial intelligence to the marketplace, we needed an A+ financial team leader of our own. We chose Sustain | A | Business for fractional CFO services and appreciate the monthly models, decision driven discussions and direct talk, no nonsense consultation.”

Aaron Velky

CEO , Ortus Academy

“I have partnered with Sustain | A | Business to maintain and grow my energy business through disciplined financial management and protocols. We have navigated taxes, employees, contracts, government regulations and permitting, and I am filing my taxes early for the first time ever.”

Amy York

Paramount Energy Services

Powering sustainable businesses for a sustainable economy.