“We provide financial intelligence to the marketplace, we needed an A+ financial team leader of our own. We chose Sustain | A | Business for fractional CFO services and appreciate the monthly models, decision driven discussions and direct talk, no nonsense consultation.”

Aaron V.

CEO , Ortus Academy

“As a startup looking to ramp, I didn’t know where my financial situation stood month to month, week to week. Then I partnered with Sustain | A | Business and everything financially improved. I know where my risk is in the business model and I monitor consistently with accountability and make decisions based on our conversations, thanks for all the help.”

Dr. Marcus P.

Full Circle Mental Health

“I have partnered with Sustain | A | Business to maintain and grow my energy business through disciplined financial management and protocols. We have navigated taxes, employees, contracts, government regulations and permitting, and I am filing my taxes early for the first time ever.”

Amy Y.

Paramount Energy Services

“Having worked with S|A|B for over 5 years we have become huge fans of their intelligence, work ethic, and ambition. The business acumen gained has allowed all of our franchisees to develop sophisticated financial practices and has helped our entire organization implement cost saving measures that hit the bottom line. As entrepreneur’s they are passionate towards our business and have helped us attract and build talent within our team. A+ character.”

Max D.

“When we started with Sustain | A | Business we were looking backward every month trying to find out what had happened with the business. Now we are planning 1-3 years out into the future and I feel like I have control of our business destiny. Their approach is straightforward and their entrepreneurial skill is unmatched. Working with them has been game changing for our business.”

Isabel A.

“We provide mental health services and therapeutic solutions around the country. Our biggest challenge has been creating a strong financial plan to move forward. Working with Sustain | A | Business has turned that challenge into an asset, as we regularly help our clients with their personal financial struggles and can connect with them from a point of common struggle. We have grown significantly since partnering with S|A|B and I am not sure where we would be if we would not have made this connection.”

Greg R.

“We brought on Sustain | A | Business as we considered the legacy of our 4 decades of work. They helped us get our finances organized, have held us accountable to a consistent financial process and built the roadmap to the intersection of where our business will go as we enter our retirement years. Thank you for your guidance, we are very grateful!”

Deborah P.

“I met the team at Sustain | A | Business right at the start of 2020 when the world and my business were under a tremendous amount of change. I was contemplating multiple business concepts and directions and had a lot of plates in the air spinning that needed to be highly coordinated, well thought out and some just needed to be brought in for a safe landing without any damage done. In just a few meetings, the team at S|A|B helped me take control of my financial navigation system, they gave me clear decision-making guidance and freed me up to take actions with confidence. Two years later, my ventures are laser focused, my business is growing rapidly and I have a plan in place to manage my business finances and understand them better than ever.”

Patrice C.

Chef and Entrepreneur

“We are a decentralized, military-focused education business that was formed around a cause we all believe in. We have been meeting remotely for years and until recently have never been in the same physical location as a team. After
bringing in S|A|B, we quickly formed a cadence for financial forecasting and communications that gives great insights into future cash flow based on our growing team’s perspective. Phil and the Sustain | A | Business team have become part of our team and act as our financial guide. We have been able to accelerate rapidly and make decisions confidently based on their rock-solid processes.”

Victoria G.